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How To Watch the Scariest Video on Internet Without Wetting Pants


I am writing this in Webmasters because most of the website owners or bloggers are probably frequent internet surfers and you must have came across such scariest videos on you tube and wanted to watch those out of curiosity right?

I have watched tens of so called scariest videos on youtube and i have read hundreds of comments of people saying how they almost shit their pants while watching the videos.

Now i don’t know whether they did that in real or not but their comments always shows how scary the video must be. I have also seen prank videos where people record other people watching scary video and getting scared out of grim or shock.

There is no scary video on internet that can scare the shit out of me like other people claim it did for them. And even you can watch any scary video without blinking your eye, screaming or moving a bit by following these simple steps below.

What scares you the most in Video?

Emotional Disturbance or Shock

Mostly sudden appearances of ghostly images with a loud sound. That’s stupid and i hate it. Even some hollywood movies has it. It doesnt make it any scary, anyone can do that to anyone and that is also the most common prank in real life. That obviously causes emotional shocks for a while and that is how it scares you.

So if you are watching a video on internet, follow these steps.

exorcist How To Watch the Scariest Video on Internet Without Wetting Pants

Most common scary face from the movie Exorcist

Turn off the sound

You would want to hear the sound too, even i would want to. But if you want to avoid getting scared then at first, turn off the sound to avoid any emotional shocks out of grim. Once you watch the video and find out that scary point, you can turn the volumn slowly on to listen to the voices.

Don’t Stare at the Video

Many people would probably put all their mind, heard, ears and eyes in to the video. Even in the prank videos i saw guys and girls putting all their heard and mind in a video. That is exactly why you will be thrown away during emotional shocks caused by sudden appearences of ghastly images and loud sound.

You already have sound off, now don’t put your eyes into video. Instead look at it indirectly from the corner of your eyes. Stare at the runtime bar, many a times the real scary deal or that shock will be present at the end of the video to scare the shit out of you. That’s the technical term by the way.

When you watch it indirectly from the corner of the eyes with sound turn off then it can highly lower the chances of you getting scared. It will almost have negligible effect on you. And once you find out what scares you the most in the video like a sudden appearance of the girl from Exorcist, you can slide back and rerun it and this time you are totally aware of whats going to happen in the video and totally prepared to watch it with sound on.

You get scared because you don’t know whats going to happen ahead in video. I do this and it works for me.

Fast Forward

Another method that i use is to fast forward. If the video is a bit long and has a lot of scary comments on it. I fast forward it to find scary points on the video. It does help, and i always keep the sound off.

After completing, i rerun the video to watch it for fun out of my curiosity. Curiosity is stupid, it makes you do anything even if you are not suppose to. Why did i write this article and why does that matter? You may ask whats the fun if you cannot get scared by watching horror movies, after all horror movies are meant to be scary.

Well, i wrote this because emotional shock can also cause death. People die even by playing horror computer games, and videos are even more influencing. People can die of heart attack due to shocks. So this is my guide to watch scariest videos without getting scared.

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