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Net Hosting – Dedicated Server or Virtual Server – How to Make Your Choice


Net Hosting are happy with the truth that they take Dedication and Genius and combine it with a little Awesome to bring you the Dedicated Expert, the guy who can come up with an all-in-one means to fix any hosting problem you throw at him. For answers to your toughest questions, fail-proof results and powerful solutions, the Dedicated Expert may be the partner you would like on board. When the heat’s on and also you need results, you need someone who knows their stuff and also the Net Hosting guru leaps for your side, in a single bound. Comes with every hosting plan from Net Hosting.

Choose Dedicated Hosting from Net Hosting and also you get everything that’s good about owning your own server with no bad stuff. So, no hassle where the choice is yours to fix the hardware. It’s just like having your own server in your desk, only it’s on someone else’s desk. The good thing is, you’re not sharing it with anyone else – you’re the one who’s renting it, so you are the boss. You choose the Operating-system, the Hardware, the RAID the RAM – everything.

Net Hosting will do the first installation for you personally within Twenty minutes – that’s for Dedicated Hosting including a Windows Operating System, then you get to do all of your own system admin. What this signifies for you personally is, you are able to run high availability websites – as many domains as your hardware are designed for, plus you’ve got full use of all of the core functions from the server. Plus, the Net Hosting Tech Support team will assure the hardware’s ready to go 24 x 7 x 365. And they won’t desert you in times of need – if they can assist with software installation, they’ll do that. You might get charged for that odd little bit of extra help now and then.

If you don’t require the full works of Dedicated Hosting, Net Hosting can give you VPS – a Virtual Private Server – to really make it seem like you have your own server, but it is on a single physical machine as a few other people’s. Therefore it costs you more than the least expensive option, Virtual Server, where you’re sharing website and email space on a single physical server with other users; however it is cheaper than Dedicated Hosting, described above.

Net Hosting will offer you a novel cool product using the Cloud – a pool of virtual server instances that allows you to pull down just as much server power as you need provided you need, then give it back when you’ve done, a little as an equipment rental store. By doing this, you pay for the power you utilize and when you need more, just snap it up. Cloud Hosting could be a great route for you to optimize your finances to your changing server power needs.

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