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Way to Improve Your Squeeze Page Conversions


If you want to make it big as an Internet marketer, you need to start building your own email list right away if you haven’t already. It doesn’t matter what kind of niche you’re targeting, if you don’t have your own list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. You can drive traffic to a squeeze page, and if everything is done right you will be able to build a list. You have to make sure this squeeze page is highly targeted and gives the visitors a strong purpose to get on your list.

The most important element of your squeeze page happens to be the headline. Your headline copy has to speak clearly to your target audience, and then it must compel them to keep reading. When somebody visits your squeeze page, they should be compelled to subscribe to your list. The only way to move people to action is to understand what they want and feel they must have, immediately. But do not forget to employ A/B split testing with your headline until you cannot improve your conversions any more. The only way people will give you their contact info is if make them a compelling offer. The most often used form of freebie in this case is a PDF ebook of some kind. Things are more difficult now than before, and you have to give people something that is different enough to attract them. Avoid giving away junk PLR that everybody in your market has seen. You could even have something specially created for this, and then that will make it totally unique. If there is no perceived worth in what you are providing them, then they will not have an interest.

You need to remember that people guard their privacy carefully and won’t hand over their personal information to someone who appears less than trustworthy. Most of them are frightened of having their inbox flooded with spam, which is why they are so reticent. This is why you need to assure your visitors about the fact that their contact information is completely safe with you. Let them know that you will not share it or rent it out. A good idea is to ensure that, right beneath the subscription form, there is a clear link pointing to your privacy policy. All in all, from the above article we come to understand how simple it can be turn your squeeze page into a lead generation machine. If you are totally unsure about a squeeze page, then you can easily find more information about them. The other part of the squeeze page equation concerns traffic, and your must be from the market you are targeting. Do not be afraid to try out your own squeeze page because it will all be good learning experience.

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