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How to download unlimited ebooks for the Ipad 2. the best way to get Ipad 2 ebooks


If your like me you have just got a new ipad and you love it, Congratulations there are many people like us. From talking with other ipad owner i came accross a common problem. Which was finding enough downloadable content for when your not connected to the internet.

I Searched many different solutions to the problem including a site called scribd which allows you to download content in the correct format to your ipad. It allows anyone to punlish content so has some brilliant independant writers and novelists, The drawbacks of Scribd is that it has a lot of junk content and pointless articles that dont help anyone. It also has a few viruses and spyware hacks being exploted. And my personal Big negative of the site is the Legality as there are a lot of good books posted but they are not always by the authors so may or may not be illegally posted.

I found an even better solution soon after Scribed called Ipad Ebooks, it allows me to downlaod books, comics, daily newspapers and much more and it is 100% legal as you pay a one off fee then this is destributed to the authors with content on the site. The Site has the newest and bestselling books and authors and you can basically downlaod everybook you have ever wished to read. I currently have downloaded over 300 books in 3 months i am saving up books for my Charity Trek accross Africa later this year.

To Sum up i was blown away with the choice and number of books that could be selected and downloaded directly. It costs me just ?39.99 for a lifetime membership So even if you dont read as much as me so long as you read more that 3 or 4 books a year this service could save you money too.

I hope you find all the content you need from reading this article

More information on how to get ipad 2 ebooks, or here for more information on ipad 2 content.

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