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Content that comes to you: hiring article writers to increase web content


The success or failure of a small online business often comes down to one thing: exposure. One of the best ways to increase exposure is through article writing. Articles, usually of about 300-500 words in length, are submitted to blogs, article directories and web sites. They are usually informative, and contain links back to your website. An article does not have to directly promote your business – in fact, it may never mention your business by name. It is the links contained within the article that are the really important part.

Why do we put links in articles? Simple. A large majority of internet use is purely for research purposes – if a person wants to know something these days, they are likely to jump onto their computer and search for the required information through a search engine such as Google. Articles are designed to provide the answers to some of the questions people might ask. People read the article, spot the link, and click on it to learn more.

The more unique articles a business can produce, submitted to different locations on the web, the more links there will be pointing back to their website. If you’re wondering where you’re going to find all this time to come up with dozens, if not hundreds, of completely unique articles, then wonder no more – this is where article writers come into the picture.

Article writers are paid to produce high-quality articles for publication on blogs, websites and directories. Most articles are produced within twenty-four hours, and can cost as little as a dollar per four or five hundred word article (although it can be worth paying a little more for a good, fluent English-speaking writer).

Freelance article writers can be found through the services of many different websites. Possibly one of the best websites representing freelance professionals is Representing several million freelancers and business owners worldwide, it is an easy way to match work projects with capable freelancers. It offers convenient communication, safe payment options and a steady stream of employers and employees.

Hiring article writers gives you a large degree of flexibility. You can choose to hire an individual for a moderate-sized project, or a team of writers for a larger project. Writers can be selected from different countries and nationalities around the world, depending on your preferences. Different websites might offer pre-pay or post-pay options for payment of articles. With sites such as, you can hand-pick writers for short-term or long-term projects.

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    This a great article it is good if any blogger can outsource their article that way as bloggers we can pay more attention to the marketing and networking side of or blog. Thanks for your comment on my blog

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