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Getting Backlinks by Asking Other Bloggers


Every blog needs targeted traffic if it’s going to make any kind of impact. If you want your blog to take off and get better known, you need readers who have an interest in your niche. Communicating with other bloggers can be an effective way to market your own blog, but many inexperienced bloggers don’t like to do this. This is not a profitable approach, though, and it would be beneficial for you to seek out blogs on topics similar to yours and communicate with them. Contrary to the popular belief, asking for a link from a blogger is actually helping them discover useful content that their readers will like. Your emphasis, therefore, should be on the helpful content you have to offer, as this is how you’ll get the most replies.

Most importantly, always be active in the community of bloggers. All of the main bloggers have one thing that they do the same way. The participate in the blogging community on a regular basis. If you want your posts to be linked to by other bloggers, then you must always be an active participant in the blogging community. When you ask another blogger for a link, then he will surely go to your blog and see what it is about. So when they do so, it’s your job to make them feel that you actually ‘walk the talk’. Do not let them think that you are only doing this as a hobby and that it is not that important to you. Your content will not be given a second thought until your blog passes the test of a true blog.

Second, it is not imperative that you link to the blogger before requesting a link.

But, it you did previously, it would make good first impression. This shows the blogger that you made the effort to build a relationship in the past. Even though this will not be the case for all blogs that you go to, it will be effective for some.

Last, remember that there is nothing that is more important than original content when you are trying to get new links. All bloggers that you approach are going to want to see something original that has not been shared before. This will give you more opportunities to get the backlink. But if you are just linking to another blogger, then the value goes down instantly.

There is less probability that you’ll get linked. So, if you are going to link to another blog post that did not originate from you, you can say a few comments and indicate what you think about the blog post.

There’s no reason why you can’t start getting links from other bloggers, now that you understand the basics. The whole approach isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be. All you have to do is take the first step, which is to email bloggers in your niche and introduce yourself.

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