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The basics of monetizing a website from advertising or affiliate marketing


I have seen in many forums and in blog comments of people asking for a publisher network or affiliate programs for small publisher.

money The basics of monetizing a website from advertising or affiliate marketing

Basics of Monetizing a Website

Now why do these guys call themselves small publishers? That’s because their website don’t get enough traffic or else there is nothing like small or big publisher. It is all about the traffic. So the most basic and the only thing that you need to earn money from affiliate marketing or simply from advertising is to get some good organic traffic.

Many newbies ask about creating a landing page for an affiliate and many blog owners have their own ways of earning through affiliate programs but if the site has no good traffic then who would even know about the affiliate product?

Content and Resources

So you need to follow the most basic methods of gaining good amount of traffic to your website. You probably know it so in short i would say get some unique content on your website. Provide resources for visitors to download and use. Do social bookmarking for your website to get more readers from external sources. Update your website or a blog regularly to increase returning visitors. Use analytics and other statistics software to track your website peformance to improve it.

Organic Traffic

For those of you who don’t know what organic traffic is, well its just the traffic that you get through search engines, that matters the most. In order to get good organic traffic just submit your website and XML sitemap to search engines. That way your website will start getting crawled by these engines and your webpages indexed. Also it is important to use right SEO plugins for the CMS that you are using. Use SE optimized titles for your posts and write relevant keywords, descriptions and tags for it.


Once you have good number of traffic and page views. You can start monetizing it. There are several ways of monetizing your website. If you get more page views then go for CPM based advertising. Use contextual advertising to display relevant ads on your website. Using contextual ads is the best way to increase your website’s earning potential.

When it comes to selling a products or a service as an affiliate, only go for those services or product that are relevant to your website’s niche. Write a review or an article about it before promoting the product. That would explain your readers what the product is about and how it can help them.

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