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SEONuking: A Reasonable Review


As you go about your day carrying out your Internet Marketing, just what all do you do? When you try to do every little thing all by yourself, you are probably going to spend the majority of your day anxiously switching from one task to the next while trying to figure out how to do everything all by yourself. You must create content, produce a campaign for marketing, develop tons of back links, nurture relationships with your clients, and on and on and so forth and so forth. But imagine if, for one easy price, you could outsource quite a bit of that work? SEONuking is a company that offers to carry out your SEO, back linking as well as some of your content creation duties.

It most likely appears like an offer that is way too good to be true and if it were simply a piece of software that someone was claiming could do all of that work, it really would be too good to be true. But what tends to make this different is the fact that you are not buying software. It’s an another person’s time. Mo Taqi is providing up his team to be your SEONukers. They will take on your content submissions, your back link generation, your SEO and-with the help of a Leading Articles membership-even your content generation.

Here’s how it works. You subscribe to SEONuking and, every morning you submit the written content that you want to be submitted, the keyword campaign the content will be working toward and the team at SEONuking takes care of the rest. The crew then makes use of their blog network memberships and Senuke connections to do the project quickly and accurately. For the actual body of content you work with there are a couple of options: you can either write all of your own original spin-ready content and send it in, or you can use Vita Vee’s Leading Articles Ultra Spinnable Content membership program. No matter which you pick out, Taqi manages all your submissions.

This service membership is a tiny bit less than two hundred dollars each month and there is no real commitment required. You can certainly give it a try for one month and see if it will actually help you and then decide whether or not you want to keep using it. You likewise have the option of cancelling your membership anytime.

Personalization is exactly what makes this program unique and different from the others out there. Mo Taqi works to keep the membership limited so you are certain to get individualized work. This isn’t automatic for anyone but you. Real people are performing actual work to help you succeed. In addition to that, you are able to talk to Mo through Skype to be sure that your goals are met and to create a road map for how best to meet them. He’ll help you figure out a plan of attack for your enterprise.

The very best selling point here, however, is the fact Mo Taqi is the person who has working behind the scenes of all of Vita Vee’s successful projects. He’s the one who has made it easier for Vita build his enterprise to what it is today and Vita is all set and willing to endorse him. You have probably always been acquainted with Vita Vee as well as the success his business has had. Don’t you wish exactly the same thing for yourself?

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