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SEO for your small business

seo 296x300 SEO for your small business


SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ works around the idea that the higher a webpage’s ranking on a search engine, the more visitors it is likely to receive. Unlike most other forms of search engine marketing (SEM), it is completely free. It involves tactics such as keyword optimization and link building. Ultimately, it relies on your website being useful and interesting to potential visitors.

Keyword optimization

Keywords are the words that visitors type into search engines to find your website. Websites with the most relevant keywords to the search will appear first in the search engine listing. Therefore, it is important to choose keywords carefully so as to make them relevant to searches, and direct more traffic to your website. What is it about your small business website that you are trying to promote? These keywords should be used within the content of your website, particularly on main pages.

When writing keywords into your content, be sure to make them flow with the rest of the text. Visitors will be put off by articles that are written with keywords awkwardly and obviously placed. Content that is jammed full of keywords can also be unpleasant to read, and may cause your webpage to be marked by search engines as spam.

Link building

One of the things that search engines look out for when determing your website’s rank is the number and type of links from other websites that lead to yours. If there are a lot of websites with links to your own, it tells the search engines that your website is worth visiting. This is particularly true if you can get links from websites that already have high search engine rankings, as this will give your site more credibility. These links are known as “back links.” Ideally, they should direct visitors to various pages within your website, rather than all just leading to the home page. Again, this will improve your search engine ranking. Both incoming and outgoing links should be relevant to the content on your site.


Search engines are interested in websites that have unique, useful and interesting content. Plagiarising articles will see your web ranking take a dive; well-written, original content will give your ranking a huge boost. One trick often used by small businesses is to combine various SEO techniques in “swapping” articles with other, similar websites. Basically, this means writing original articles and posting them on each other’s sites with back links to each site. This way, both websites gain fresh content and useful back links, helping them both to achieve greater search engine optimization.

These are just a few tips that can help drive traffic to a good small business website through appropriate use of SEO techniques and practices.

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