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Best places to sell domain names and websites


Are you looking for buying a website or selling a business online? If you own an online business that earns you a constant income then you can sell your website or online business to others who are looking for different business opportunity.

All you need is an income proof of your online business if you are selling a complete website or simply website statistics if you are selling only the domain name. If its domain name then you might be asked for its age (how long has the domain been live), its page rank and Alexa rank along with some visitors trend.

Good news is, there are many places where you can sell your domain name or entire website. Even if it is not earning you any good, there are people who would buy it just because they know how to use it and its earning potential. All you need to do is to go all the right places to spread a word about you selling a domain or website.


Flippa is one of the most active market place for buying and selling websites or domain names. However the listing is not free and you have to pay a small price for adding your website to their directory. It shows a variety of statistics about the website including page views, unique visitors, Alexa rank and page rank. It also gives you several upgrade options like sending your listing as a tweet to flippa followers and other highlights to the listing.

Visit Flippa


Sedo is another widely used marketplace to selling and buying a website or domain name. I find their interface and listing structure slightly confusing unlike with Flippa. You can find some good deals on sedo if you are looking for buying a website, hence it makes a good market place for a seller to sell a website or domain name. Many website or domain brokers tend to use sedo for appraisals and trades.

Visit Sedo

Digital Point

Digital Point is one of the huge forum for bloggers and website owners to talk about almost everything about internet. Its market place forum lets you trade almost every digital products or service including domain names and websites. I had had quite a success selling some domain names on Digital Point. Even tough its a forum, it provides detailed statistics about a website for sell. It also had a bidding feature that lets user bid for your domain name and website. It is also a place to get your domain name appraised by other members.

Visit Digital Point Market place


DNForum is a forum dedicated for domain names, you can get your domain appraised by members of DNforum to get a slight idea of how much your domain will give you. It also had a market place for you to sell your domain names. Expect a good response from DNForum for it being a community of members highly interested in domain names and domain trade.

Visit DNForum


NamePros is a community for domain name buyers, sellers and website developers. NamePros is another widely used forum by bloggers and webmasters. It has forums for discussing websites and other website development related topics and a huge market place for selling or buying domain names or websites.

Visit NamePros


GoDaddy auction place lets you create a free basic listing to sell your domain name at a local currency through bids. Buyers can also make offers to your listing at your local currency price. GoDaddy is comparatively most visited website which increase your domain sale exposure to even more potential buyers.

Visit GoDaddy Domain Auctions


Sitepoint market place lets you sell or buy more than just domain names and websites. You can also sell the templates of your website or the script that you are using itself. That way you have an options to sell certain elements of your website if you are not looking to sell it completely.

Visit SitePoint Market place

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