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3 Simple Secrets of a Successful Website


1.Follow the Big Guys

Read what other successful bloggers are writing about. Bloggers like John Chow, Darren Rowse and Jeremy Schoemaker are helping bloggers succeed in what they are doing. Subscribe to them, read their free eBooks and watch their video presentations.

Keep in mind that…

  1. They have done it,
  2. They have earned it and
  3. They have proved it.

2.Don’t Forget the Past

When you go on their website, don’t just read the latest posts to comment on or just the homepage. Browse through their archives and read their previously written articles. Darren Rowse seems to have understood it, that is why on his front page you can find a section on Darren’s Favourite posts from the past. He has brought it to the front for readers to read it.

Also you can read some of his list posts that simply contains list of other useful articles previously written.

3.Learn and Repeat the History

Don’t just read it, follow it and use it. That is a good way to apply in real, what successful bloggers have said. Often old posts are lost in archives and never to be read again. On some blogs you can find tens of comments on the latest posts but if you go back to the oldest posts written you can find zero comments on them, that shows they are rarely read by visitors and often neglected. It is not that old posts are useless, they are important too. So always read the old posts to see how these big guys got started.

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