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Web Based Profit from Advertising


Website owners are all looking for viable profit solutions. The earning potential for websites is tremendous and is available for all website owners to benefit from. You can get paid various ways over the internet. However, there is an alternative to the popular PPC (pay per click) method. When PPC was first introduced to the internet, the sweeping results were outstanding.  The next wave of profit earning is called PPP or pay per play.

The internet has a known ability to foster unique and innovative ideas, system and technology. As a website owner, you job is to always be aware of the direction these profit technologies are heading in. You want to get involved ahead of the curve to brand yourself and your business along with a successful breaking trend.

PPP can definitely have a good effect on how you bring in profit for your site. Website owners now are receiving revenue from advertisements that were once exclusively used for mega television networks. The market share has opened up to include the web.

Major companies are now willing to compensate website owners for the traffic they get through their site to balance out some of the market share loss they are experiencing with television. Television viewership is not the same. More people are using the internet than ever before.

Affiliate Website
Your website or business may greatly benefit from becoming an affiliate. There are different tiers to being an affiliate and the profit earning potential presents a great chance to grow.

Tier 1: As a tier 1 affiliate site, you bring in 25% of the revenue that an advertisement company buys for audio advertisements placed on your site. The profit is calculated on a per play basis. When a viewer is on a website where your PPP code is present for longer than 2 seconds, you earn the revenue. Sounds easy enough, right?

You don’t even have to worry about whether the advertisement is really heard by the viewer or not. Advertisers understand through their research that 20% of these audio ads will not be heard.

TIER 2: Your website will earn a 5% of the revenue spent on PPP on the websites that you refer directly.

TIER 3: Your website will also get a 5% revenue payout from websites that place audio ads from your direct referral.

The 25% commission earned on all of your web traffic is an improvement for people who participated in the PPC program. Viewers don’t have to click. Compare the 25% commission earned with PPP with the 5% earned with PPC. See the difference?

Payment Schedule
The PPC program schedules payment to affiliate sites every week. The higher your referral count, the higher the earning potential.

Simple Earning
The actual amount earned is contingent on the rate that advertisers are using. Large PPP networks can make $.01 to $.03 for every audio advertisement played on the site. You earn money from all of your viewers. So, the ECPM (effective earning per 1000 visitors) can range from $2.50 and $7.50. This number can greater if the page has your PPP code placed on it

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