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Top 5 social bookmarking websites that actually drives traffic to your website


You have probably read a list of 100′s of social bookmarking websites to join but are you dedicating enough time on each one of them?

Social 300x222 Top 5 social bookmarking websites that actually drives traffic to your website

Social Bookmarking

You need to dedicate enough time to get any good results. One might join them all with a hope of getting back links to increase page rank but back links and page rank should be the least of your concerns

Good traffic and real visitors matter the most. Page rank is just the Google’s view of importance of the web page and your website might have thousands of back links but how many of them are actually driving traffic?

After some internet search and users opinions i found the best list to use. This can save a lot of your time and really help you get traffic and real visitors to your website.

Stumble upon

Stumble upon is the widely used social bookmarking website. You can find many stumble icons on other blogs and website for sharing. Due to their methodology of displaying newly added links on a selected category. It happens to drive a lot of traffic to your website. However it obviously depends on how relevant and interesting your title and description is.


Digg is another good social bookmarking website that gave me good results in traffic. Google analytic never showed digg as a source of traffic in my account but AwStats and other analytic that i use simultaneously showed a good numbers for digg.


Reddit is another bookmarking website that gave good results. It really worth joining and submiting links to reddit. Just like other communities, people can vote and comment and start discussion on links added in reddit.


Creating a Facebook fan page is a good way to promote a business. Facebook was not meant to promote websites and links since it is a social community for people to join and communicate. However, Facebook fan pages can be used to get traffic to a website. For that you need enough number of fans on your fan page. That way you can get a good number of returning visitors to your website. Put a Facebook share and like button on your blog posts to give an option to visitors to share and like your posts. That way you can get enough fans and traffic from Facebook.


Twitter can be similar to the Facebook fan page concept. You need a good number of twitter followers in order to spread a word about your website or business. You might want to consider getting twitter followers for good results. Just like Facebook like and share buttons, you can put Twitter’s follow, tweet and retweet buttons on your blog posts or website. That way visitors can tweet the posts or start following your website.

Each social bookmarking community needs followers that can send them updates when you add new content. But due to link addition methodology of stumble upon, digg and reddit, websites happen to get more traffic out of them. Hence those are widely used widgets on blogs and websites for social sharing.

Try making this list your first priority for social bookmarking and see the results yourself.

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