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Techniques for Getting More Prospects to Rely on Your Landing Page


Creating trust with your target audience, in the best possible way for a successful landing page. Until your prospects can understand the message as well as connect with your landing page, that is when you can expect a high conversion rate. The purpose of this article is to help you create this connection effectively and grow the trust factor.

First and foremost, determine what information you will be asking to your prospect once they land on your page. The sole reason to have a landing page is to gain targeted leads and allow prospects to take action.

This is why it’s important that you ask the appropriate information rather than asking for random information. People are apprehensive when it comes down to sharing their details on the Internet, so why make it difficult for them when you can make it easy? If you can avoid it don’t ask for phone numbers of postal addresses this will scare prospects away fast. You can wait til you have earned their trust before asking for more information as a basic rule of thumb. As an example if you want to give away a report on your landing page you’ll need to ask for first name and email address and that’s it. Your conversation rate will decline rapidly is you are asking for too much information. Proudly display your phone number on your page showing prospects that you aren’t afraid to stand behind your product. This helps prospects see that you are the real deal and can be trusted. They will feel more at ease when they know you’re not trying to hide behind your webpage. It can also work very well for people who aren’t keen on online transactions, but want to take up your offer. If you want your landing page to be highly trusted your phone number is a must.

Lastly, use certification logos from trusted authorities to garner trust on your landing page. Get your prospects to trust you by displaying your association with other trustable companies such as Verisign on your landing page. Another good association to add to your landing page is the BBB or Better Business Bureau.

So if you’re a member of the BBB, then you can show off their badge on your landing page.

This article shows, that landing page is a science not an art. If you’re new at this, it may take some time before getting the perfect strategy, but you need to keep testing your landing page to get long term results.

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