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Getting the Best Returns from Pay Per Click Marketing


The fastest way to drive traffic to your website is Pay per click marketing. Nothing comes close to PPC in terms of speed and efficiency, even though there are a number of free methods to get visitors. PPC definitely has a learning curve, and that is why so many internet marketers try this, but haven’t had great luck getting results. It is important that you understand the basics and lay a string foundation once you get started with the pay per click marketing.

Targeted Ads Are Essential: The success of your pay per click campaign is largely determined by how good a match your ads are for your intended audience. Having a high click through rate is essential to get anything out of your campaigns, so you have to plan your ads carefully. You want your prospects to feel that your ad is written especially for them, which will compel them to click through.

Use Geo Targeting: Not many advertisers make use of the geo-targeting feature that comes with PPC, but if you start using it, you’ll be able to increase your click through rate by simply targeting the right geographical areas. So if you have an offer that’s aimed at people in Los Angeles, you can create ads that are targeted to this city. Another good thing about geo-targeting your campaigns is that it will often cost you less for clicks than if you were bidding on regular keywords.

There is a reason why many people fail when trying to run PPC campaigns is that they forget to focus on organizing their keywords into groups. Segregated and neatly organizing your keywords, will see great returns coming in from your campaign. For example, do you own a “Toy Store” in New York City, NY you should be targeting at least two ad groups. Suggestion would be, a “Toy Store” ad group where you would put a keyword phase like, New York toy Store, Toy Store New York City, etc. The next ad group would be about “Toy Store” related keywords, such as video & board games or dolls and puzzles, etc. Organize your keywords tightly your keywords will be better. Many beginnings fail to see results with PPC because they are not patient in their approach. Going through a learning curve is unavoidable with PPC. Before you launch your campaign, you need to take care of this. You are putting money at risk with pay per click, so don’t rush into things or get hasty because you don’t want to lose it.

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  1. Henry from Real Estate Calgary says:

    This is so helpful. I’m just starting work on my online marketing strategy. The whole concept of pay-per-click, though clear to me, was not one that I thought would show much result. This was because I was completely unaware of Geo targeting. I think I can now rework my strategy to include pay-per-click with Geo targeting. Thanks for sharing this.

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