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Use Linkbaiting to Boost Your Link Popularity


If you have an online business, one of your most critical tasks is finding targeted and high quality backlinks to your site or blog. The search engines reward sites that have more links pointing to them with higher rankings. Linkbaiting is the term used to describe a number of techniques, all which have the goal of getting you backlinks from other blogs and websites relevant to your niche. In order to receive these links, you only have to use the right “bait.” So how do you exactly do that?

Supply Something for Free: Giving away valuable gift can really get people interested. Your main purpose is to get readers to talk about you, link to your blog and then tell others. But to make this work in your favor, you should be ready to give away something that is really valuable. It has to have a goal. Make sure that your gift is not easily detected because you want to be different from the rest. Lets imagine that you are selling a video course for a good price in your dog training niche. You can let it be known that you are giving away your course to the next fifty people who join your list. This will begin the whirlwind and you will get talked about by a lot of bloggers within your niche.

Humor Them: When it comes to be consistent, humor is one of the best tactics to use for linkbaiting.

Whether it’s a funny picture or a true, funny story, it will always spread around real fast and people will want to link to you. This is one of the main reasons for YouTube’s quick popularity because most people love to look at funny videos. Just make sure that the humor you use is not bad humor and that it does not clash with your overall plans. You could possibly start by creating a humorous blog article that is in your targeted audience and then slowly move into other ways to do it.

Exposing Scammers As A Community Service: When you think about what the other webmaster who provides a link to your site will get from doing this, you’ll find linkbaiting is much easier to arrange. Every niche on the Internet has its fair share of scams circulating. So if you can work on exposing these scammers and bringing their misdeeds to light, you’ll not only be applauded but also get credit from anyone that’s linking to your site, with you being the source. This isn’t going to be a regular occurrence, but when you do release this information it will bring in a flood of fresh backlinks to your site. Simply put, if you want linkbaiting to be successful, you will have to follow the procedure for creating a good base that will make it work. Do not forget that will does not happen overnight. You will have to work hard if you want to see a lot of websites linking to you. It does not matter which linkbaiting strategy you use but concentrate on providing value to your link partners for the best outcome.

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  1. Anne from Freelancer says:

    it was really nice reading this! Let me add something though… Another great technique to linkbaiting is curiosity! Humor and curiosity are my two best practices to attract people to click on my link. Of course using humor is easier, since if you use curiosity as a bait you have to be sure that ppl that clicks on your link really do find something to feed their curiosity in your link, otherwise you might have bad results and negative word of mouth for your link and blog. Some linkbaiting is a great technique, just be careful to deliver on you promise.. :)
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