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Generating Traffic With Internet Yellow Pages


Internet Yellow Pages have been around for some time. Many web businesses know that yellow pages can be very valuable when used properly but get so focused on other resources that they don’t make use of this one. When you fail to allow your target audience to find you when searching through the yellow pages, you lose an opportunity to gain leads for your business.

First and foremost, it’s really important that you know the value of optimizing your business name on the Internet Yellow Pages. You should make sure that you’re using your main keywords in your business name because that will help your listings rise up in the search engines. It also makes sense to include your location in addition to your business name, so that people searching for local listings will find you; in other words, rather than advertising “Johnny’s Steakhouse,” you’d make it, “Johnny’s Steakhouse Dallas.” The more you optimize your business name, the better it is.

Having a captivating headline is another essential principle when it comes to creating your Internet Yellow Pages listing. You want your listing to stand out in some way, so don’t just put in your business name, address, website, phone number, etc., as this won’t give people any reason to take notice of you.

Create a headline that makes your prospect want to find out more, and give them a hint about how your offer can help them. Put some creativity into your headlines, and make them concise, snappy and informative.

Your keywords are another critical element you have to think about with your Internet Yellow Pages listing. Since your listing is going to appear in the search engines, you should try and give extra emphasis to keyword research and find the appropriate keywords. You can find good keywords by using free online tools, such as Google’s Keyword Tool. Remember to include keywords that mention your specific location if you’re going after a local market, as this will make it easier to find less competitive keywords.

As we’ve seen, the Internet Yellow Pages represents a great opportunity for you to make your business known to local customers without spending any money on advertising. Internet Yellow Pages are still a largely untapped resource, as there are still quite a few businesses who don’t take advantage of it. It’s not a difficult technique to exploit, so why not start bringing a new stream of targeted traffic your way?

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