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How To Generate Facebook Leads TODAY!


Knowing how to generate Facebook leads is widely considered to be one of the leading free marketing strategies available. It seems like everyone in the world is on Facebook, plus everyone already comprehends how to work with it!

Essentially, instead of spending 2 hours catching up with friends, you can use 2 hours (or less) networking for your business and earn money.

I’m probably kinda biased to Facebook, seeing that is where I originally started out online. I generated a lead my very first day, and I sold some training in my first week through Facebook.

Let me share a few things that I have done that have worked very adequately for me to generate Facebook leads.
Generate Facebook Leads: Tips and techniques

Never talk concerning your business:

The very-first-number-one-most-important-don’t-ever-forget-in-your-life-even-if-you’re-in-a-coma thing you CAN’T forget while working to generate Facebook leads, you never ever EVER blatantly pitch!

I can’t emphasize this enough. Soooo many people pitch, so that’s what everyone sees all day and they ignore it. Never talk in respect to your business unless someone really desires to know and they ask you.

By far the best way to use Facebook is to just connect with people. Answer their questions and impart benefit when you can. If you find a cool video or desire to share somebody’s blog post, that’s exceptional!

I try and stick to the 90/10 rule. That is 90% of other people’s stuff, and 10% of your stuff. simply no ads or pitching anything. I recognize it’s difficult to do and sometimes I even find myself pitching, but DON’T!

Generate Facebook Leads – Personalize your profile:

If you don’t pitch, then how do you get leads? Trust me, they will come. Your profile can be slightly more “pitchy” because that is where people go to find out more concerning what you do. I have a little blurb about what I do for a living, and some things concerning who I am so they
comprehend that I am a legitimate person.

Facebook furthermore has an application called “My Info” that allows you to place HTML on your profile, so I employed it to put an opt-in form there. I’m going to shoot some video instruction to show you exactly how you may do that.

Put your links up to your websites, add pictures, add vieos, and you can furthermore link your blog to your profile so people will check that out as well. The more people feel like they recognize who you are, the more likely they will desire to truly connect with you.

Here’s a tiny step-by-step of what I do each day to generate Facebook leads:

Generate Facebook Leads – Join network marketing groups

In the search bar, type in some network marketing jargon, like “attraction marketing” or “MLM” or “network marketing” and join the categories that you find interesting. Join them if the group is about 500, you can write on the wall, and there seems to be a bunch of activity.

I share stuff on groups with ads to go and look at my FB training, to receive my ebook, or some useful post, video, or tool that I found. I realize I said no pitching but tell me whether there is a difference between saying, “Join My Business, It’s Great!” and “Get your FREE Facebook training that can help you generate leads.” You offer something that different people want, something of value, plus you are enticing them to look at your stuff rather than pushing them away.

Generate Facebook leads – Add friends from these groups

These people are your target market. I only add the people who look common though. That goes to show that you should keep a decent picture for your profile, not one that’s risque or creepy.

I’ve heard of people getting their accounts shut down for adding too many friends too quickly (because they look like a robot doing it), so I just add between 30-50 a day. the only thing you need to do is check out a group, click on the members, and you’ll get a list of people. It will even show who is already your friend and who isn’t.

When I become friends with people, I send a tiny message like “hey great to meet you. I like to connect with other like minded people and I look forward to getting to know you!”.’

Generate Facebook Leads – Invite your friends to your team

Of course, you have to own a group already to do this. Groups are really simple to set up. Don’t make it something like your MLM name or anything, just something that looks like it could contribute value.

For example, mine is called “Attraction Marketing: Generating Leads For Free”. And DON’T COPY other group’s names! This is all about branding yourself and it’s lame to copy someone else and just plain annoying.

Then you only post some appealing stuff and get people interacting and responding to what you say. You can even share discussions, events, and videos in your group. I make everything in my group beneficial. The events are free instruction webinars, and the discussions and videos are marketing tips.

The best part is that every member of your group is now like your private email list. You may email all of them individually with one button! Just don’t abuse this because they’ll tune you out if you are always sending messages that are useless to them.

so these are some of the things that I do. If you do this every day, your network will be so considerable that you’ll pretty much have to have success! If you don’t know
what to do, don’t worry, just get on Facebook, begin adding friends and joining groups, and begin conversations using as many people as you can! This is an invaluable tactic to generate more Facebook leads

Just help sure that you’re GIVING VALUE and not pitching to these people. You have to create a relationship first, and then the business will come later, I promise. I’ve made some legitimate friends on Facebook that I am so very grateful for and that have helped me out A LOT!

See you at the top!

Erin Smith

Erin wrote this article about how to Generate Facebook Leads to show internet marketers a good source of free leads. Erin has helped hundreds of Internet marketers to build their online businesses by teaching them how to leverage the internet for limitless leads and sign ups! Check out Erin Smith’s MLM Secrets to learn how to generate 30 free leads every day!

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