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Finding a List of Blogs Using Keyword Luv Plugin


Today when i was checking the statistics for this website i saw one really huge key phrase that bought one visitor to this website. The key phrase was “enter yourname@yourkeywords in the name field to take advantage“. I was wondering what would have made my website show up for this key phrase when I or other writers for this site had never written about it?

Suddenly i realized that it is actually the title phrase of one of the plugin called keyword luv that i was using. I tried entering the same key phrase on Google and saw so many blogs on the results page that were using the same plugin.

So it is obvious that if you actually enter the most commonly used titles or text for the plugin from HTML source code, then you can find other blogs using the same plugin.

Keyword Luv is a plugin from Scratch 99 that lets commentators separate their names with their desired keywords with an @ symbol. This lets commentators get a back link to their website on their desired keyword.

If commentators does not enter @ symbol then the link is displayed as normal.

So if you want to find a blog that is using keyword luv then simply enter this phrase on Google and you should get a list of blogs.

enter yourname@yourkeywords in the name field to take advantage

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30 Responses

  1. William from what is gynecomastia says:

    That is actually exactly how I found this blog. With that said, I have found that some people are more stingy than others in approving comments even if they are contributory. A lot of people are just looking for the traffic.

  2. Tom from Baby Sleeping Bags says:

    This is correct. I think there is a plugin that allows the blog owner to warn people that they have arrived using a search term like this one. This decreases the chances of people spamming who are only posting to recieve a link.


  3. Karen from yucky pictures of warts says:

    Yup, thats how I found you here too, I think keyword luv is AWESOME!! it makes the comment look a lot less spammy, but still get a little link love. Great article too!


  4. Debs from Parking Sensors says:

    This is fantastic – what a good way to find relevent do follow keywordluv blogs. You are my HERO!
    Debs @ Parking Sensors recently posted..Wireless Parking Sensors UK

  5. Grace from personal cook says:

    Aw heck. I just never thought of that. Clever clever one. I always just tried searching for keywordluv directories but this one makes it all quite simple. Thanks for sharing this :)
    Grace@personal cook recently posted..Easy Pork Recipes- Spicy Sisig Recipe

  6. Marvin from Improve Self Confidence says:

    Cheers, I was looking for who made keywordluv, great resource, thank you for the reference. Also thanks for not being miserable and having keywordluv and commentluv on your comments :)
    Marvin@Improve Self Confidence recently posted..Top Ten Confidence Tips

  7. Linda from contour helmet camera says:

    MVNIB, I too found this blog by using that search phrase. Having said that I would be interested to know more details from Tom on the plugin he mentioned.
    Linda@contour helmet camera recently posted..ContourHD 1080p HD Wireless Helmet Camera Review

  8. TJ McDowell from St Louis Photographer says:

    I have commentluv installed on my site, and for some reason no one finds my blog for that plugin. I wonder if installing Keywordluv would do the trick to get more traffic to my blog.
    TJ McDowell@St Louis Photographer recently posted..10 Ways To Score Customers With A Photo Blog

  9. Eric from Online Networking Success says:

    it’s a great plug-in for most people. Also, when people have figured out that anchor text or anchor links should be double checked within Google Keyword Tool for the amount of searches per month. This way, people can maximize the effectiveness of this tool.

  10. john from sat nav says:

    Great advice on finding keyword rich links, this will help our SEO efforts a lot, thanks.

  11. Fred from office moving leads says:

    I found this blog by searching “keywordluv blog”. Many of the blogs using it have discussions on the pros and cons of using it with |S P a m being a concern. You seem to have the automated spam problem solved with the capcha. :)

  12. Bob from Direct Marketing Services says:

    Oooo I never thought about searching for blogs that way, i’ll have to try that. I search “keyword” keywordluv, that’s how I found your blog! Thanks

  13. Frank from Removalists Sydney says:

    That’s exaclty how I found this blog! Hehe

  14. Stella from Street Fashion South Africa says:

    Great advice on finding keyword rich links now im going to look for some to up my traffic great post thanks

  15. Max from Flores de Bach says:

    I think that Keywordluv brings a lot of additional traffic to one´s blog. You get more unique content which is also a ranking factor for the google bot. So, the owner and the blogger take advantage from this system.
    Max@Flores de Bach recently posted..Verbena

  16. cool =D I will try this immediately! thanks for sharing!
    Bas | profit tempest recently posted..What is Profit Tempest?

  17. DVD Ripper says:

    Great website. Thanks so much for all of the tutorials, tricks, and help!

  18. Param from Buy Used Iphone says:

    Really very informative blog. Thanks so much for sharing..

  19. Noah from Black Mold says:

    Keywordluv is one of the finest and cool plug-ins I’ve ever known. This is definitely effective in driving lots of traffic. Commentluv and keywordluv are good combination.
    Noah@Black Mold recently posted..How To Clean Mold in Shower

  20. Alex from rachat or says:

    This is good advice, ir works! Thank you. And by the way, keywordluv is an excellent plugin.

  21. Margaretta Hecke says:

    I agree most of the comments above and it is so true. Keywordluv plugins are truly great and awesome. This is actually most of the blog commentators looking up, like me.
    Margaretta Hecke recently posted..Woodworking Articles

  22. nfl store says:

    thank you for sharing. Really thank you so much…

  23. Dink from Nuwave Oven Recipes says:

    Keywordluv is a win win plugin. You get lots of visitors to the site, which looks good to google, and gives your site authority, and the visitors benefit from the backlink. Thanks!

  24. Susan from Bag Reviews says:

    We are also planning to apply either CommentLuv or KeywordLuv on our site, but I don’t know If this attract spammers more or not. Have you experienced changes after installing the plugin?

  25. Yung Kash SK says:

    Yeah, once again KeywordLuvBlogs are very crammed with comments. But it brings great traffic to your sites as I am sure you have seen. Keyword Luv spreads out Do-follow links which helps us get higher page rank and you get more page rank and a heck load of traffic.
    Yung Kash SK recently posted..Thank you. Everyone for coming to my page.

  26. Jason from pain in jaw says:

    Does this help or hurt the website allowing this?
    Jason@pain in jaw recently posted..TMJ Help Video

  27. Dean from Joiners In Kent says:

    I love keyword luv personally. It’s a great plugin that I find really useful as I’m only a beginner at trying to rank my website. Without it, I think I would be wasting a lot of my valuable time trying to find do-follow links. As long as people’s comments are valid, I can’t see that it’s hurting the web at all.

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