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Commission Hijack – Are Internet Directories Fantastic?


Considering that I started promoting my web page, I came across a wide array of web directories, and I have to admit this question has been bugging me because then. Are Internet Directories any excellent for the world wide web?

Let’s begin by acquiring the obvious out of the way 1st. The major purpose of internet directories is to promote internet web sites. This is not often carried out directly, by directing users via their links, considering that internet directories do not get that a lot traffic, but indirectly.

The way this indirect promotion works is that, after a web-site is registered in many web directories, search engines’ crawlers see the links and count them, increasing the page rank and search results for the distinct web page.

Ok, this is fine, but what about the surfers? Let’s be honest, 99 percent of the folks that pay a visit to internet directories are web masters that wish to promote their internet internet sites by acquiring a couple of additional links. Web directories have in no way been too appealing to surfers. But can they grow to be attractive? Well, my guess is they can. Along with the only method to do so is to grow to be extra user friendly and to supply surfers with beneficial content.

What I mean by this is that web directories can turn out to be preferred web pages if, instead of offering a list of mediocre websites, ordered by the amount of dollars each 1 of them payed for their listing inside the internet directory, they would supply a list of the top internet websites the net has to offer for each and every category. Such a list should be maintained by the web masters, by searching the web and deciding on the leading websites.

Of course, this means that you can’t just wait for individuals to submit any internet websites to your directory. You’ll need to get working on finding the web pages surfers could possibly be interested in. Yet another cool thing 1 could add would be to makes it possible for users to rate the internet websites which are listed. This can be a really nice addition, given that it adds an interactive element to the web site and orders the internet websites by the ratings given by surfers.

My previous experiences with web directories or ‘Top 100′ internet websites have been terrible. All of those internet websites had been filled with second grade links, the type of websites you might be expecting to receive malware from to be honest. Well, this type of ‘Tom’s leading 100 websites’ linking to ‘Jerry’s leading car magazine’, containing 2 months old news basically does not work. This just isn’t what surfers want to see. Neither the MS-Dos sort graphics in 32 colours, nor the sponsored links or suggested web pages.

I genuinely hope that the future will bring much better internet directories to the scene. Let’s be honest! You will find so a lot of good internet sites available that surfers do not know about, and so small places where you could learn about them. Well, this is my opinion on internet directories. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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