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Choosing Article Marketing to Steer Web Site Traffic


Word has it that article marketing is so old school, or is it? Although some online marketers have actually stopped employing this approach preferring blogs or social media, the reality is that article content creation continues to be a proven and cost effective method to drive targeted visitors to your site.

The Advantages of Article Marketing

Consumers want an answer to their question; and they want it right now. Whenever consumers go to search engines to look for data, many will discover what they’re looking for on the 1st page. Some buyers may have the patience to look at the next few pages of results. Hardly any will check search results buried beyond that. Therefore, a very high google page rank is a must-have for driving traffic on your website.

Article marketing and article submissions are a essential method for bringing in site traffic because search engines, like Google, usually rank articles and other content published on quality article submission sites higher than articles and other content on a individual or business web site. For example, Yahoo might catalog articles on their very first search engine results page, while a similar article on a business website appears on page 3 or 30.

Well-written articles also draws visitors to your internet site directly, generating the opportunity for you to get an instant call to action from an intrigued consumer or buyer. The fact is, qualified leads as a result of article marketing tend to make the subsequent step toward a purchase by completing a form online or joining an email opt in list.

Along with generating online traffic, there are additional benefits to article writing. One example is, well written articles supercharge your authority as an expert within your industry. Additionally, relevant article content supply answers to web surfers basic questions or problems, making articles less overbearing than other, more intrusive, marketing strategies, such as banners.

Tips on Getting Started in Article Writing

It’s straightforward, really: begin writing. It might be intimidating at first, particularly if writing isn’t your favorite activity. Nevertheless, with some practice, you’ll soon learn how to efficiently create article content in your area of interest. Begin by composing and publishing articles about the questions you most regularly reply to from leads and website visitors.

Article marketing and article submissions might seem less exciting when compared with other forms of marketing, like YouTube channels or branded Twitter pages. It does, however, work. Take the first step towards driving targeted prospects to your site: start writing your very first article right now.

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