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Getting Backlinks by Asking Other Bloggers


A blog without visitors doesn’t have much point, which is why the first thing every blogger needs is traffic. If you want your blog to take off and get better known, you need readers who have an interest in your niche. Getting links from other blogs is a very effective strategy, but unfortunately this is not something newer bloggers are inclined to try. It can be very helpful, though, to touch base with other bloggers, so you should get over your reluctance in this area. Remember, if you have good content to offer, getting a link from them will be helping both of you. Your emphasis, therefore, should be on the helpful content you have to offer, as this is how you’ll get the most replies.

Most importantly, always be a regular blogger in the community. All of the main bloggers have one thing in common. They never stop blogger. If you want your posts to get linked by other bloggers, you will have to post frequently on your blog and be current. When you ask another blogger for a link, then he will surely go to your blog and see what it is about. So when they do this, it is your responsibility to make them see that you are an actual blogger. Do not let them think that you are only doing this as a hobby and that it is not that important to you. Your content will not be given a second thought until your blog passes the test of a true blog.

Secondly, it’s really not important that you link to the blogger first before asking for him.

But, it you did previously, it would make good first impression. This shows the blogger that you made the effort to build a relationship in the past. Even though this strategy will not work for all blogs that you request a link from, but it is good somewhat.

Last, you will learn more because of your experience and get much better when it comes to asking for links. You will know about the bloggers that reply to you when you asks for links. You’ll also learn what kind of links bring the highest response from the blogging community. So be sure that you learn all that you can and improve your strategy. If you realize that a particular blogger is not accepting your link requests, then do not send any more. You might be upsetting them and they just do not want to accept your link. So if somebody asks you to stop forwarding them links, oblige to their request. Finally, this article examines how the blogging works on the inside and what you have to do to get backlinks from established blogs. Obviously, you will have to put plenty of effort into it in the beginning. But forming networks with others in your niche can most definitely help you in the long run. You must be focused at all times and not think about giving up when things seem down.

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