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5 Tips for getting started with Online Business by setting up an eCommerce Website


Starting an online home business will need a little investment if not in 6 figures. Your investment will totally depend on the type of business you are trying to establish. Here are some basics to get started with an online business.

Domain name and Hosting

Get a relevant domain name and a good hosting account for your website. You can start with some good shared hosting and then move on to the dedicated ones after initial success or get a dedicated hosting at first place, again that depends on your budget. Your business online cannot survive on a free domain or free hosting servers.

CMS Platform or Custom eShop

Decide what service you are providing or what products you are selling. There are many open sourceĀ  e Commerce CMS that you can use like Magento, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, etc. Each one has its own unique features, modules and add on. Try their demo first before using it on your website. If you are high on your budget, then you can also get a custom eShop designed for you.


Advertise your website on internet using PPC networks to get targeted visitors. Using Google Adwords you can start advertising at your local currency at a low budget daily. If you are providing a service, it is likely that you will get members to join through PPC advertising. There are many such networks that you can join depending on your geographical targets or type of advertising, for example banner, text, audio and video, popups, popunders, etc.

Other methods of spreading a word about your online store or service are

  1. Press Release
  2. Try getting back links from relevant websites in your niche
  3. Join business related forums

Local Marketing

If your online business is very local, then you need to advertise it in your local market. Advertising on a city newspaper or a magazine helps a lot. Many local business spread brochure with special offers to grab attention and attract customers.

Distribute your small business cards to the people you meet. Also word of mouth marketing helps a lot. Tell your friends and relatives about your home or small business. That can increase the potential of you getting clients through referrals.

Trust and Safety

If you are running an online store then you need to get Trust Certificates to provide transactions on a secured socket layer (SSL). That makes online shoppers feel safe about their credit card details and personal information from being leaked. You can get such trust certificates from VeriSign and GoDaddy.

It is also necessary to provide your complete mailing address and contact number for clients or customers to reach you just in case. That is the foundation of any established business.

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