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Pattaya Divorce Party


A lot folks go to Pattaya, Thailand and have a ball some occurrence while they are there. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, marriage, or nothing in general, there are loads of celebration venues to book your extraordinary occurrence.

I have been going to Thailand for over 38 years, have made many friends there – both Thai and Expat and highly advocate the following venues:

1. The FLB bar – owned by Martin and down on Walking Street past the big tree – this is a very affectionate hostess bar that will cater to your every thought. Prices vary but guaranteed, you will have the time of your life. Excellent food , great, live music and some of the friendliest ladies in Pattaya.

2. Cherry Bar – on Soi 8 and owned by a very hospitable Brit – Adam. Adam has devoted his life to making this bar at the top on a street lined wall-to-wall with similar bars. He does an established job of promoting his quaint little bar and bends over backwards to make you feel at home. And, you don’t even have to be a Brit to have a great time here.

3. Tequila Queen #2 – just off of Walking Street – small, air-conditioned go-go bar that guarantees remarkable food and a super time. It may be small, but the fun will be huge.

4. Secrets Bar – Last but not least by any means. Ben used to be the manager at FLB but has moved onward and upwards and has set up his own establishment serving alcohol, restaurant and hotel – the Secrets Hotel and Bar. On Soi 14 – just off of Walking Street Ben will guarantee that you will have a super time. Ben is the host with the most and I have known him for over 10 years – he will take care of all your needs. The restaurant at Secrets – food you would not believe.

So, if you are heading out to Pattaya, map a party. It can be for any milestone or just for the heck of it.

Larry Westfall is a retired expat living in Thailand and loves Isaan Photos and pattaya beach hotels

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9 Responses

  1. Rahasia Minisite from rahasiaminisite says:

    wow..nice journey..near time i wanna visit pattaya too..
    i heard its got a beautifull beach..

  2. Domenic De Giorgio from dewalt quebec says:

    pattaya and thailand all over, the best place to party hard all night. Thank a lot for informing about all the rocking party destinations. I would mainatin a record about the places to mentioned and would go there soon to watch the fun live. Thailand is worth visiting atleast once in a lifetime.

  3. Harry from Orlando colocation says:

    A lot has been said and heard about the fun element that Thailand has and is so popular for. But a for a first timer, it is pretty easy to get tricked or get lost in an unknown land. And since I hate traveling with tour operators, this blog offers just the right places I need to visit for some fun nights!

  4. Jack from used computers burlington says:

    I have visited Pattaya, Thailand many times. I had actually gone there on a business tour. It was such a amazing place. I was so fascinated with the place that I even took my family there so that they would also enjoy its beauty. I love trying new cuisines and I get to do that there. They have some ridiculous food but somehow it is always tasty.

  5. I had gone to Pattaya with some of my friends and had a horrible experience. Someone stole my friends luggage. He had kept many of his expensive things in that, even his passport. After that it was a nightmare. During the whole trip we were running form pillar to post trying to get the official to help us out. We took an oath that we will never go there again.

  6. Thomas from furnace richmond hill says:

    I have been to Pattaya many time. I just don’t visit only Pattaya but also the surrounding places. The place is really heaven on earth. The best place to relax and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. It has some of the best beaches and the nightlife is to die for. Once you go there you never want to come back home. It is such an amazing place.

  7. Jenny says:

    Pattaya gives me mixed feeling. As much as I loved the place for its scenic beauty, tranquility and most of all its night life I dint like the people there. I had some very bad experiences. If anyone wants to go there then I suggest you be extra alert about your belongings. Keep your passport and money close to you.

  8. The best thing about Pattaya is the people living there. They are so polite, gracious, helpful and friendlily. It was a joy to visit Pattaya with my family. The places there are just so beautiful and breathtaking. The nightlife is so colorful and electrifying. I would recommend Pattaya to anyone who wants to relax and have a good time without having to worry about anything.

  9. Matt from divorce solicitors Oxford says:

    I am planning to visit Pattaya, from the comments and the article, it sounds like an amazing place to visit. In terms of these venues and parties, how expensive would it be?

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