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The Number One Thing Women Love About Men


I would like to talk about the single most attractive trait a guy can quite possibly possess.

Do you have any idea what this quality is?

Most guys assume it’s possessing a lot of cash, being famous, or having good looks.

Even if you have these three qualities but is lacking this essential component your success won’t be nearly as good as it could be.. Believe it or not, even if you had been able attract an incredible woman into your life by having the previously mentioned qualities but was missing the quality I’m about to focus on, your success will be temporary.

So exactly what quality could I be talking about?

Allow me to give you a tip: It happens to be something that can never be seen, it can only be felt.

Come up with anything? Here you go:


When questioned, girls stated that confidence was the most appealing trait in a guy.

Here’s evidence as to why having good looks or money but missing self-confidence will hurt your chances with women.

A girl will say to her female friends “oh he’s so handsome and I was so attracted to him until he opened his mouth and then I was totally turned off” or “he is rich and all but he’s uncomfortable.”

How come it’s confidence? If you think about it, confidence suggests a guy is powerful and competent. Girls like strong guys. It tells the girl you have things dealt with.

They absolutely adore that free flowing self-confidence that a real man possesses.

The best way to increase your confidence is to do things that are outside your comfort zone. If you are still not comfortable around beautiful women, go out there and start communicating with them to get over it. You may be embarassed the first handful of times you try.. You shouldn’t worry about the end result, you’re there to learn. Who cares if you make a mistake. Whenever you begin to feel that creeping feeling of fear, do it anyway”.

In a nutshell, do whatever it takes to cultivate your confidence. Have confidence in handling situations in your life and especially confidence in your dealings with women. They’ll love you for it.

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4 Responses

  1. Mira from dating tips says:

    You are right confidence attracts women. However, confidence is very different from arrogance and many guys seem to not know the difference.
    Mira@dating tips recently posted..How to Stay Friends with an Ex

  2. James from bean bag says:

    Women, they are the most confused living beings on earth. I am sure they must be having a list of “wants” when it comes to men. Yes, confidence is one of the wants, after all she needs her guy to be confident about everything he does and that would surely enhance his personality. Women do not appreicate timid men. I guess good humour could top their list.

  3. Jeremy from Calgary Wedding Planning says:

    Ya I also agree, that to impress a women is other thing and being a Mr.Right is something different. Confidence not only reflects the masculinity of a guy but the most important trait which a woman would look in a man to be her partner.
    Jeremy@Calgary Wedding Planning recently posted..-

  4. Jess from World Transformation says:

    Falling in love is all about that connection and security that we are all longing for. Deep down we all have a deep insecurity that we want filled by our man that is confident about this world.

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