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Using Image Processor to Automate PSD to JPEG Creation in Photoshop


If you create tens of banner images everyday then you can automate the PSD to JPEG creation using Image Processor in Photoshop. You will also need to do this if you are automating text change or translation on banner images in Photoshop using CSV file.

To process PSD files. Click on File -> Scripts -> Image Processor

Image Processor in Photoshop Using Image Processor to Automate PSD to JPEG Creation in Photoshop

Image Processor in Photoshop

Step 1:

In Step 1 frame, select the folder that contains all of your PSD files.

Step 2:

In Step 2 frame, select the folder where you want to save all the JPEG files. You can select a specific location of the default location by selecting desired option.

Step 3:

In Ste 3 frame, you can select the Quality of the JPEG image, 12 is for the highest quality image.

Leave the Step 4 as it is for now, unless you want to go Advanced with extra Actions during PSD to JPEG creation.

Simply Click on button Run and Photoshop will Automatically open each PSD file one by one from the selected folder and convert them to JPEG image, save them in the selected folder and close the image.

This way you can speed up your job by focusing on PSD creation and then running the Image Processor to create JPEG files. There is no limit to how many PSD files you have in your folder. They will all be made into JPEG files.

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