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Spud Pickles Ghost Radar Classic Seems to be working.


I was browsing through the Market on my Phone and i found this application that claims it can detect ghosts but cannot guarantee it. So i downloaded and installed it for entertainment to try it out. I was in a class when i ran that app and it did not detect anything, so i thought may be there are no ghosts in this room, whatsoever. I came home in the evening and we have this Diwali festival going on these days and there is fireworks everywhere. Rockets and fire crackers and loud sounds, smoke and vibrations everywhere. Then there are rockets that makes different sounds like lunar rockets which makes a strong whistling sound when it shoots up.

The view is really good from a small terrace in our living room and you can almost see the entire neighbor hood and distant hills.  I went out in the terrace and thought of running this application and it started showing enormous readings. Blue glowing dots, some red and some green. I was surprised and a bit spooked because it was almost night with a lot of loud fire crackers going off. At first i thought may be these loud fire crackers are pissing these ghosts off and that’s why they are showing a strong panicked activity or something.

So i got on my computer to visit Spud Pickles website to check what they have to say about this app and its functions. And this is what the description contained,

“Like traditional paranormal detecting equipment Ghost Radar employs sensors that measure electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds. However, traditional paranormal equipment can be easily fooled when simple mundane bursts of normal electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds occur. Ghost Radar sets itself apart by analyzing the readings from sensors giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made.”

Being a festival of light, sound, vibrations and echos i was surrounded by all of it and so you see it is very likely that this app will show some readings every minute. There are sounds at a varying decibels, some funny and weird like those lunar rocket, fire sparkles and fire rain coming from around everywhere.

Forget about this festival and imagine if you were at a silent spooky place at night in the dark and if there really were any ghosts causing some noises, sounds or vibrations, then it is very likely that this app will detect it and show you some readings. If not 100% accurate, you will at least get an idea that there was a sound that is definitely not made by a  human intentionally unless its a prank.

If you don’t know what this app is or if you want to use it check out their website,

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  1. Kyrra says:

    I want to see their website and thanks for providing the link then…Great job for this post!!
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  2. Fria says:

    I want to check if it is working for my phone…That really excites me a lot…
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  3. Tenny says:

    Well this is a good idea then…Great post for all of us here…I am really glad I have fund this information…
    Tenny recently posted..How to Deal With The Xbox 360 3 Red Ring Problem

  4. Cherry says:

    I hope this is a help for me then….Thanks anyways!!
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